In order for the tournament button to appear, you need to have prestiged at least one time. 

Every Sunday and Wednesday, a worldwide tournament is held for all players who have prestiged. 

An icon will appear on your screen of a crown for tournaments, clicking on it and entering will force you into a prestige.  

You will go into a battle with 10-200 other unique players to compete for Rank #1. 

You will usually be seeded into a group that has started within the past hour. There are, however, cases in which players were seeded into a tournament groups up to 4 hours in. If you want to be sure to have a guaranteed 24 hour start, always start when the icon first appears.

Trivia / FAQEdit

  • Opting to prestige during a Tournament will not reset your current stage progression on the leaderboard.
  • You can use Silent March during the tournament. It will not take effect until after your first prestige during the tournament. The same goes for Portar.
  • If tied at a rank that is not the top 9, the names of other players tied with you will not be displayed.
  • Prior to joining a tournament, the icon's background is in a shade of deep blue; this changes to green after joining the tournament. After the timer runs down, the icon turns dark red and has a rotating trail to signify results processing. The trail disappears shortly after and rewards will be available for collection.