This page will be more like a generalized guide to show you what and why these trees are made. They will not fit perfect with every player because of the completely randomness with everything we got, the amount of skill points, weapons, equipment, etc. If anything, this guide can somewhat help you determine what you want instead of questioning things and wonder what things do.

Obviously you will have a different amount of skillpoints than this guide here. Most likely you will need to weigh your skill points accordingly to the build there is, like if you want to focus on a tap build, you will want Knight Tree, or mana regeneration if Sorcerer Tree.

If you go on Reddit or Discord and post your stats and say "help me with a build". Well, tell us, what do you want. Do you want to actively tap the screen? Or may be you like a more idle game play, or inactive, perhaps the use of skills. Tell us your preference so it is easier for us to tell you what you want. Questions to ask here.

For creating a new build, use this template.

Beginner Builds

These builds are only intended for beginning players, these do not include any variation of pets, equipment, clan ship damage, artifacts, etc. These are just a general guide until you hit the breaking point where specialty builds are going to be needed.

Knight Based Build

Hero Based Build

Early Shadow Clone

Farming Builds

Heavenly Strike

Heavenly Strike Siphon 1

Heavenly Strike Siphon 2

Clan Ship Farm

Eternal Darkness Farm

Pushing Builds

Shadow Clone Push

Shadow Clone Push (500+ SP)

Shadow Clone + Lightning Strike Push

Pet Push

Clan Ship

Heavenly Push

Heavenly Fairy Push

Hybrid Builds

Heavenly Strike Siphon + Shadow Clone Push Hybrid Build

Silent March Builds

Silent March Optimized with Shadow Clone