Icon Artifact Name Tier
Book of Shadows
Book of Shadows I
Stone of Valrunes
Stone of Valrunes III
Chest of Contentment
Chest of Contentment II
Heroic Shield
Heroic Shield II
Book of Prophecy
Book of Prophecy II
Zakynthos Coin
Zakynthos Coin III
Great Fay Medallion
Great Fay Medallion III
Coins of Ebizu
Coins of Ebizu III
Heavenly Sword
Heavenly Sword I
Divine Retribution
Divine Retribution I
Drunken Hammer
Drunken Hammer I
Samosek Sword
Samosek Sword I
The Retaliator
The Retaliator I
Hero's Blade
Hero's Blade I
The Sword of Storms
The Sword of Storms I
Furies Bow
Furies Bow I
Charm of the Ancient
Charm of the Ancient I
Tiny Titan Tree
Tiny Titan Tree I
Helm of Hermes
Helm of Hermes I
Fruit of Eden
Fruit of Eden III
Influential Elixir
Influential Elixir III
O'Ryan's Charm
O'Ryan's Charm I
Heart of Storms
Heart of Storms I
Apollo Orb
Apollo Orb II
Avian Feather
Avian Feather III
Corrupted Rune Heart
Corrupted Rune Heart III
Durendal Sword
Durendal Sword II
Helheim Skull
Helheim Skull II
Ring of Calisto
Ring of Calisto I
Blade of Damocles
Blade of Damocles II
Helmet of Madness
Helmet of Madness II
Titanium Plating
Titanium Plating II
Ameythst Staff
Amethyst Staff I
Invader's Gjallarhorn
Invader's Gjallarhorn I
Titan's Mask
Titan's Mask III
Royal Toxin
Royal Toxin I
Laborer's Pendant
Laborer's Pendant I
Bringer of Ragnarok
Bringer of Ragnarok I
Parchment of Foresight
Parchment of Foresight II
Elixir of Eden
Elixir of Eden I
Hourglass of the Impatient
Hourglass of the Impatient II
Phantom Timepiece
Phantom Timepiece I
Forbidden Scroll
Forbidden Scroll II
Ring of Fealty
Ring of Fealty II
Glacial Axe
Glacial Axe II
Aegis II
Swamp Gauntlet
Swamp Gauntlet I
Infinity Pendulum
Infinity Pendulum III
Glove of Kuma
Glove of Kuma II
Titan Spear
Titan Spear II
Oak Staff
Oak Staff I
The Arcana Cloak
The Arcana Cloak II
Hunter's Ointment
Hunter's Ointment I
Ambrosia Elixir
Ambrosia Elixir II
Mystic Staff
Mystic Staff III
Egg of Fortune
Egg of Fortune III
Divine Chalice
Divine Chalice II
Invader's Shield
Invader's Shield III
Axe of Muerte
Axe of Muerte II
Staff of Radiance
Staff of Radiance III
Essense of the Kitsune
Essence of the Kitsune II
Lost King's Mask
Lost King's Mask III
The Master's Sword
The Master's Sword III
Aram Spear
Aram Spear III
Ward of the Darkness
Ward of the Darkness III