Image Name Description Cost Notes
Power of Swiping
Power of Swiping Swipe to attack at max speed for 12 hours. 80 The longer your swipes, the faster you attack. Still allows touching in one location on screen, with reduced speed. Swiping picks up coins. Works during a clan quest.
Adrenaline Rush


Get x5 damage on all attacks and increase your maximum Titan kill rate for 12 hours. 100 Increased damage and Titan spawn rate.
Make It Rain
Make it Rain Receive {x} Gold. 100 Gold received dependent on your current stage and max stage.

Gold value increased by Stone of Valrunes and Chest of Contentment.

Gold value increased depending on armor.

Mana Potion
Mana Potion Refill your mana pool. 100 Refills your mana to 100%.
Doom Allow Sword Master to embrace the darkness, instantly killing any Titan. 100 No matter what your current Titan's HP is, it will 1 hit KO it, works on any mob, mini-boss or boss. Will splash through bosses.

Will always hit x50 current Titan HP.

Only allowed 3 uses per prestige.

Recommended on bosses that end in 0 or 5 stages.

Clan Crate
Clan Crate Launch a crate full of gold for you and your clan members. You get {x} gold. 500 Near your MS, it has a value of x5 Make it Rain. At the start of a prestige, its value is significantly higher, and provides you with enough gold to nearly reach your MS.