Jayce the Ruthless Cutter

Jayce the Ruthless Cutter 0

Jayce the Ruthless Cutter 1

Jayce the Ruthless Cutter 2

Hero Information
Hero Number 19
Damage Type Melee Hero Icon
Area Type Ground Hero Icon
20 Crimson Claw Melee Hero Damage x1.1
60 Deceive Melee Hero Damage x1.1 x1.21
100 Fury Swipe Melee Hero Damage x1.1 x1.21
200 Change of Heart Melee Hero Damage x1.1 x1.21
500 Iron Clasp Melee Hero Damage x1.1 x1.21
999 Evolve I
1,000 Quick Grab All Damage x1.2 x1.44
1,999 Evolve II
2,000 Spark Tap Damage x1.3 x1.69
3,000 Change of Heart All Damage x1.4 x1.96
4,000 Piercing Spike Tap Damage x1.5 x2.25
6,000 Unstoppable Rage All Damage x2 x4
Stage Unlock and Hero Cost
Stages Unlocked
Hero Costs
- Stage? Normal 2.55e19
- Stage? Evolve 1 1.59e055
- Stage? Evolve 2 2.88e224
- 17,800 Ascended 4.00e1218
- 18,200 Asc. Evolve 1 6.24e1255
- 18,800 Asc. Evolve 2 1.05e1290

Lore Edit

"​Jayce the Ruthless Cutter is a deadly and unscrupulous bandit that will do anything for fame, glory and wealth. His razor sharp claws are feared by many and he is known for his love of blood and mayhem.

Once in a gang of merciless bandits, Jayce craved the power that the leader held, and plotted to kill him and take his place. After Jayce's attempt on the leader's life failed, he fled to a far away land to avoid ever crossing paths with the bandit leader again and face the shame of his defeat.

One night while stalking his patron's chosen victim, he came upon a frail, blind man with a walking stick, and decided that he would make for an easy target to top off his coin purse. But that night. Jayce was defeated for a second time. In exchange for his life, Jayce swore to serve the blind man and aid him on his quest. Although Jayce despised heroics, he soon found himself enjoying his adventures and travels as a hero, saving innocent lives and no longer forced to skulk in dark alleys to live. Maybe it wasn't so bad being the good guy? Though he can never outrun his reputation or his bloody past Jayce chooses to use his notoriety to instill fear in criminals and cutpurses alike."