Heroes List

No. Avatar Heroes
1 Maya Muerta the Watcher 0 Maya Muerta the Watcher
2 Zato the Blind Staff Master 0 Zato the Blind Staff Master
3 Sophia, Champion of Swords 0 Sophia, Champion of Swords
4 Lance, Knight of Cobalt Steel 0 Lance, Knight of Cobalt Steel
5 Pingo of the Tori 0 Pingo of the Tori
6 Rosabella Bonnie Archer 0 Rosabella Bonnie Archer
7 Gulbrand the Destroyer 0 Gulbrand the Destroyer
8 Captain Davey Cannon 0 Captain Davey Cannon
9 Rhys Mage of Order Evetga 0 Rhys Mage of Order Evetga
10 Kronus, Bringer of Judgement 0 Kronus, Bringer of Judgement
11 Cosette, Jewel of House Sabre 0 Cosette, Jewel of House Sabre
12 Kiki the Dragon Rider 0 Kiki the Dragon Rider
13 Maddie, Shadow Thief 0 Maddie, Shadow Thief
14 Beany Sprout the 1st 0 Beany Sprout the 1st
15 Sawyer the Wild Gunslinger 0 Sawyer the Wild Gunslinger
16 Lil' Ursa 0 Lil' Ursa
17 Saje the Garden Keeper 0 Saje the Garden Keeper
18 Wally Wat the Magician 0 Wally Wat the Magician
19 Jayce the Ruthless Cutter 0 Jayce the Ruthless Cutter
20 The Great Pharaoh 0 The Great Pharaoh
21 Boomoh Doctor 0 Boomoh Doctor
22 Dex-1000 0 Dex-1000
23 The Great Madame Cass 0 The Great Madame Cass
24 Lala Quickshot 0 Lala Quickshot
25 Aya the Lightning Violet 0 Aya the Lightning Violet
26 Lady Lucy the Night Caster 0 Lady Lucy the Night Caster
27 Jazz Rockerfellow 0 Jazz Rockerfellow
28 Maple the Autumn Guardian 0 Maple the Autumn Guardian
29 Kin the Puffy Beast 0 Kin the Puffy Beast
30 Princess Titania of Fay 0 Princess Titania of Fay
31 Miki the Graceful Dancer 0 Miki the Graceful Dancer
32 Mina the Priestess of Light 0 Mina the Priestess of Light
33 Yzafa the Fearsome Bandit 0 Yzafa the Fearsome Bandit
34 Zolom Blaster, Space Hunter 0 Zolom Blaster, Space Hunter
35 Finn the Funny Guard 0 Finn the Funny Guard
36 Nohni the Spearit 0 Nohni the Spearit
37 Damon of the Darkness 0 Damon of the Darkness

Hero Weapons

Hero Weapon Upgrade

Hero weapons and Fortune weapon upgrades are collected from the Weapons Tournament, Silver and Titan Chests, Week 2, day 5 of rewards.

Hero specific weapons can appear in shop for 1-3 at a time.

Once you have a specific weapon for a certain hero, its upgrade cost milestone is free.

There are 37 weapons to collect; one for each hero. Assembling a full collection of weapons for the first time will provide a 10x damage boost to all heroes. Each consecutive weapon set will add an extra 4x bonus each time.

There are two variants of items that can be collected:

Weapon Upgrade

  • Will give you a random hero weapon upgrade.

Fortune Weapon

  • A fortune weapon will give you the hero weapon upgrade of which you have the least amount of.