Melee Hero Damage Edit

Rarity Name Set
Sabertooth Crown Mythic Sabertooth Crown Ancient Warrior
Anniversary Helm Legendary Anniversary Helm Anniversary Gold
Chicken Beanie Legendary Chicken Beanie -
Optimal Helmet Legendary Optimal Helmet -
Tribal Helmet Rare Tribal Helmet -
Spiked Shell Rare Spiked Shell -
Castle Guard Mask Common Castle Guard Mask -
Dark Knight Common Dark Knight -
Cyclops Mask Common Cybernetic Visor Cybernetic Enhancements
Horned Helmet Common Horned Helmet -
Antlers Event Antlers -
Artsy Beret Event Artsy Beret The Heartbreaker
Dark Hare Helmet Event Dark Hare Helmet -

Spell Hero Damage Edit

Rarity Name Set
Plated Tricorne Mythic Plated Tricorne Treasure Hunter
Phrygian Cap Legendary Phrygian Cap -
Ninja Mask Legendary Ninja Mask -
Dragonplate Helmet Legendary Dragonplate Helmet Dragon Slayer
Phantom Hairstyle Rare Phantom Hairstyle Phantom Presence
Top Hat Rare Top Hat -
Red Hat Rare Red Hat -
Crimson Knight Common Crimson Knight -
Everyday Cap Common Everyday Cap -
Boom Box Head Common Boom Box Head -
White Warrior Helmet Common White Warrior Helmet -
Elf Hat Event Elf Hat -
Light Bunny Helmet Event Light Bunny Helmet Defender of the Egg

Ranged Hero Damage Edit

Rarity Name Set
Mad Hat Legendary Mad Hat -
Fedora Legendary Fedora -
Helmet of Eden Legendary Helmet of Eden Corrupted Emerald Knight
Devil Helmet Rare Devil Helmet -
Ears Rare Ears -
Ice Walker Helmet Common Ice Walker Helmet -
Magnificent Helmet Common Magnificent Helmet -
Feline Helmet Common Feline Helmet -
Wizard Hat Common Wizard Hat -
Snowman Head Event Snowman Head Snow Master
Hat of Love Event Hat of Love -

Sword Attack Damage Edit

Rarity Name Set
Tracker Mask Mythic Tracker Mask Dark Predator
Mega Helmet Legendary Mega Helmet -
Iron Helmet Legendary Iron Helmet -
The Stranger Legendary The Stranger -
Silver Mask Rare Silver Mask -
Headphones Rare Headphones -
Kitty Hood Common Kitty Hood -
Halo Common Halo -
Ribbon Common Ribbon -
Whiz Kid's Cap Common Whiz Kid's Cap -
Santa Event Santa -
Hollow Pumpkin Event Hollow Pumpkin -