Acquiring equipment Edit

You receive a piece of equipment every 20 levels starting at 55, but only the first time you reach that stage. So, every 20th stage that ends in a number 5 will drop a random piece of equipment once you reach it. The equipment drops beside your Sword Master. Tap on it to pick it up, and it will appear in the equipment tab. Other ways to obtain equipment is through daily login rewards, tournaments, and equipment farming. ~[Woj] Miecz

In addition to slots, there are 5 varieties of equipment: 

Event, Common, Rare, Legendary, and Mythic.

The more rare an item, the higher the bonus it provides given the same level. The exact value that equipment gives is random, but it’s roughly based on the equipment level, rarity, and max stage.

Equipment Types and Bonuses Edit

There are 5 types of equipment, each with their different and unique bonuses:

  • WeaponDamage Bonuses (All Damage, All Hero Damage, Critical Strike Damage, Tap Damage)
  • HelmetIndividual Hero Type Bonuses and Sword Master Damage (Melee/Ranged/Spell Hero Damage/Sword Master Damage)
  • ChestGold Bonus (All/Chesterson/Boss/Unskilled Gold)
  • AuraDamage boost bonuses (Helmet Primary Boost, Sword Primary Boost, Slash Primary Boost)
  • Slash: Build style bonuses (Pet Damage Bonus, Clan Ship Damage Bonus, Shadow Clone Damage Bonus)