50 Artifacts

S Tier: Undisputed Best Artifacts, Exponential Artifacts.

A Tier: Best All-Round Artifacts, Very Efficient, Gold and Damage Boosting Artifacts.

B Tier: Specific Boost Damage and Gold Artifacts, Best Maxed Artifacts.

C Tier: Niche Uses, Decent Artifacts with a Max Level.

F Tier: Useless.

Icon Artifact Name Tier Category Effect Max Level Damage
Book of Shadows
Book of Shadows S Relics Prestige Relics +30%
Stone of the Valrunes
Stone of the Valrunes S Gold Gold Per Activated Skill +50%
Chest of Contentment
Chest of Contentment B Gold Chesterson Gold +40%
Heroic Shield
Heroic Shield A Gold Boss Gold +40%
Book of Prophecy
Book of Prophecy A Gold All Gold +30%
Khrysos Bowl
Khrysos Bowl F Gold Unskilled Gold +30%
Zakynthos Coin
Zakynthos Coin F Gold Inactive Gold +30%
Great Fay Medallion
Great Fay Medallion B Gold Fairy Gold +40%
Coins of Ebizu
Coins of Ebizu B Gold Splash Gold +50%
Heavenly Sword
Heavenly Sword A Damage All Artifact Damage +100%
Divine Retribution
Divine Retribution A Damage All Damage +100%
Drunken Hammer
Drunken Hammer A Damage Tap Damage +30%
Samosek Sword
Samosek Sword A Damage Sword Attack Damage +50%
The Retaliator
The Retaliator A Damage Critical Damage +20%
Hero's Blade
Hero's Blade A Damage All Hero Damage +50%
The Sword of Storms
The Sword of Storms A Damage Melee Hero Damage +30%
Furies Bow
Furies Bow A Damage Ranged Hero Damage +30%
Charm of the Ancient
Charm of the Ancient A Damage Spell Hero Damage +30%
Tiny Titan Tree
Tiny Titan Tree A Damage Ground Hero Damage +30%
Helm of Hermes
Helm of Hermes A Damage Flying Hero Damage +30%
Fruit of Eden
Fruit of Eden B Damage Pet Damage +50%
Influential Elixir
Influential Elixir B Damage Clan Ship Damage +50%
O'Ryan's Charm
O'Ryan's Charm A Damage Companion Damage +50%
Heart of Storms
Heart of Storms S Damage Pet Damage Bonus +50%
Apollo Orb
Apollo Orb A Gold Pet Gold Bonus +50%
Earrings of Portara
Earrings of Portara B Damage Unskilled Damage +30%
Avian Feather
Avian Feather B Damage Inactive Damage +30%
Corrupted Rune Heart
Corrupted Rune Heart C Damage Splash Damage +30%
Durendal Sword
Durendal Sword C Damage Non-Boss Damage +100%
Helheim Skull
Helheim Skull A Damage Boss Damage +100%
Ring of Calisto
Ring of Calisto S Effect All Equipment Boost +50%
Blade of Damocles
Blade of Damocles A Effect Sword Boost +50%
Helmet of Madness
Helmet of Madness A Effect Helmet Boost +50%
Titanium Plating
Titanium Plating A Effect Armor Boost +50%
Moonlight Bracelet
Moonlight Bracelet A Effect Aura Boost +50%
Amethyst Staff
Amethyst Staff A Effect Slash Boost +50%
Invader's Gjallarhorn
Invader's Gjallarhorn S Effect All Active Skill Effect +20%
Titan's Mask
Titan's Mask B Effect Heavenly Strike Effect +20%
Royal Toxin
Royal Toxin A Effect Deadly Strike Effect +20%
Laborer's Pendant
Laborer's Pendant A Effect Hand of Midas Effect +20%
Bringer of Ragnarok
Bringer of Ragnarok A Effect Fire Sword Effect +20%
Parchment of Foresight
Parchment of Foresight A Effect War Cry Effect +20%
Elixir of Eden
Elixir of Eden B Effect Shadow Clone Effect +20%
Hourglass of the Impatient
Hourglass of the Impatient B Duration All Active Skill Cooldown Rate 40 +80%
Phantom Timepiece
Phantom Timepiece B Duration All Active Skills Duration 30 +80%
Forbidden Scroll
Forbidden Scroll C Duration Deadly Strike Duration 30 +150%
Ring of Fealty
Ring of Fealty C Duration Hand of Midas Duration 30 +150%
Glacial Axe
Glacial Axe C Duration Fire Sword Duration 30 +150%
Aegis C Duration War Cry Duration 30 +150%
Swamp Gauntlet
Swamp Gauntlet C Duration Shadow Clone Duration 30 +150%
Infinity Pendulum
Infinity Pendulum B Mana Heavenly Strike Mana Cost 20 +80%
Glove of Kuma
Glove of Kuma B Mana Deadly Strike Mana Cost 30 +80%
Titan Spear
Titan Spear B Mana Hand of Midas Mana Cost 40 +80%
Oak Staff
Oak Staff B Mana Fire Sword Mana Cost 30 +80%
The Arcana Cloak
The Arcana Cloak B Mana War Cry Mana Cost 40 +80%
Hunter's Ointment
Hunter's Ointment B Mana Shadow Clone Mana Cost 40 +80%
Ambrosia Elixir
Ambrosia Elixir C Mana Mana Capacity 40 +80%
Mystic Staff
Mystic Staff C Mana Mana Regeneration 40 +200%
Mystical Beans of Senzu
Mystical Beans of Senzu B Mana Mana Refund Perfect 40 +200%
Egg of Fortune
Egg of Fortune C Chance Chesterson Chance 40 +200%
Divine Chalice
Divine Chalice C Chance 10x Gold Chance 50 +100%
Invader's Shield
Invader's Shield C Chance Multiple Fairy Chance 50 +160%
Axe of Muerte
Axe of Muerte B Chance Critical Chance 40 +300%
Essence of the Kitsune
Essence of the Kitsune C Chance Multiple Spawn Chance 40 +300%
Boots of Hermes
Boots of Hermes S Chance Portar Chance 40 +300%
Oberon Pendant
Oberon Pendant C Chance Manni Mana Chance 40 +300%
Lucky Foot of Al-mi'raj
Lucky Foot of Al-mi'raj A Effect All Probabilities 40 +200%
Lost King's Mask
Lost King's Mask C Gold All Upgrade Cost 40 +80%
Staff of Radiance
Staff of Radiance C Gold Hero Upgrade Cost 40 +80%
Morgelai Sword
Morgelai Sword A Effect Hero Weapon Boost 50 +80%
The Master's Sword
The Master's Sword B Damage Tap Damage from Heroes 40 +200%
Aram Spear
Aram Spear C Effect Titan HP 40 +200%
Ward of the Darkness
Ward of the Darkness F Duration Boss Timer 60 +200%