Artifacts are items gained using Relics. They are powerful items that can change the game, such as increasing the amount of Gold dropped by Titans or making Skills cost less mana. Some artifacts can make the game a lot quicker, whilst others can provide little help.

General Tier List

S Tier: Undisputed Best Artifacts, Exponential Artifacts.

A Tier: Best All-Round Artifacts, Very Efficient, Gold and Damage Boosting Artifacts.

B Tier: Specific Boost Damage and Gold Artifacts, Best Maxed Artifacts.

C Tier: Niche Uses, Decent Artifacts with a Max Level.

F Tier: Useless.

Artifact Tier List
General Tier List

Specific Build Tier List

Tier I: Artifacts that are absolute for the specific build type.

Tier II: Artifacts that are alright, are still needed, but not as essential.

Tier III: Little to no use for specific build. Can be just fine without it.

Artifact Tier Lists
Shadow Clone Tier List
Heavenly Strike Tier List
Clan Ship Tier List
Pet Build List
Silent March List

Artifact Costs

Artifacts formula scale different on these ranges.

  • 1-40
  • 41-65
  • 66-70

Book of Shadows Leveling Guide

Guide here.

Book of Shadows Stage Marker

BoS Stage Level Marker

Stage Milestone Artifacts

Artifacts based on first time reaching stage X and what build was used.

Additional Information

Book of Shadows is guaranteed to be your 30th artifact if you have yet to acquire it.

Artifact seed is server sided and you will have no idea what artifact will come next.

Artifacts that are salvaged are sent into the graveyard. When you reach the graveyard pool, pulling artifacts from that is completely random. If you get a bad artifact and salvage it, be warned there is a chance you may pull it again, either two times, three times, or more in a row.

General Artifact Tier List is information pulled from here .